About Rosalie Ash

Rosalie Ash lives in a three storey Regency townhouse in Warwickshire, UK, the leafy heart of England.  She is lucky to have a husband who looks like a bit like Robert de Niro and cooks a bit like Gordon Ramsay, and seven assorted and adorable offspring.   Her hobbies include blogging, reading, cooking, gardening, going on holidays, yoga, and finding ways to disguise the ironing pile.  She regularly inhabits a fantasy parallel universe where she writes eight hours a day, has an immaculate house, a colour-coded wardrobe, hosts gourmet supper parties, and still finds time to talk for hours on the phone to her daughters, watch re-runs of Friends and do on-line shopping.

Rosalie is a professional writer, a member of the Society of Authors and the Romantic Novelists Association, and is the author of 21 successful bestselling contemporary romance novels, writing and being published by Harlequin Mills & Boon between 1989 and 1999.  Those ten years of full time novel writing gave her wonderful opportunities. The excuse to research locations (lots of lovely holidays).  The excuse to research fascinating characters (lots of site visits and interviews with interesting and often rather hunky professionals, lawyers, business moguls, polo players, yachtsmen).  The chance to get all dressed up and give numerous talks at conferences, universities, and book fairs.  Most of all, the chance of seeing her books in print, hardbacks, paperbacks, large-print, worldwide distribution, translations into more languages than she could keep track of.    Her books are still selling around the world.

But the glamorous life in the author’s ivory tower began to stifle creativity. A shake-up was needed.  In an extreme case of writer’s block, and/or displacement activity, which you have to agree beats tidying the sock drawer, she and her husband bought an old house in south West France, and spent many happy summers refurbishing, improving, planting roses and jasmine and watching for hoopoes and barn owls. In the UK they acquired an allotment and grew organic fruit and vegetables, success offset only by marauding rabbits and gale-force winds that blew away their shed.  She then decided to drag herself out of her romantic bubble back into unsuspecting world of work. She became variously a freelance PA, minute-taker, legal secretary, meeting planner and event executive.

Now, over a decade on, she has started writing again.  Hopefully, her time spent back in the real world has brought fresh warmth and humour to her love stories.

She has also begun writing children’s picture books, aimed at 3-5 year olds, based on the adventures of MISTER ORANGE the cat, and is now a member of SCBWI-UK, (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, UK).


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