The rocky road from print to digital – part one!

It’s been an interesting twelve months.

Last January, I set the wheels in motion to retrieve the copyright of some of my classic Harlequin Mills and Boon novels,  to give them a new lease of life as e-books.

It transpired that, out of the 21 Rosalie Ash romances published, I could only get four copyright reversions, as the rest were still being published in various foreign editions. (Intriguingly, the most recent foreign version is THE TROPHY WIFE, in Japanese, as a digital cartoon ?! Considering this novel was first published in paperback and hardback in 1996, this Japanese cartoon version all by itself earned me a four figure royalty cheque last November, so I’m awaiting a copy in awe!) 🙂

But anyway, I digress.

Mix-ups in communication caused long delays and my four copyrights were eventually reverted to me in June. So half the year had disappeared already.

But at last, I now had MELTING ICE, UNSAFE HARBOUR, LAW OF THE CIRCLE, and THE GYPSY’S BRIDE to bring back into digital circulation.

My next challenge was getting the printed version onto a computer for re-formatting.  My earlier novels were either typed on an old-fashioned typewriter, or saved on floppy disks then lost somewhere in serial house moves. I asked HM&B about obtaining the electronic manuscripts from them, but the figure they quoted for this service was so astronomic I decided that the first essential investment had to be a Fujitsu ScanSnap 51500. This is an automatic feed scanner which can take up to fifty pages at once, of any size, and which I’ve found very easy to understand and operate.

Then, all the tools required were one of my paperbacks, and a pair of scissors. Job done.

Or rather, the first of a very long list of jobs to do!

I’ll continue the saga next week, and meanwhile I’d love to hear from you if you’ve embarked on the same road and have some ‘writerly’ tales to share.


Melting-Ice-cover orig lighter

Melting Ice,  Book One of The Roundwell Farm Trilogy. Set in the fictional South Warwickshire village of Harbridge, the story offers readers an emotional rollercoaster of family relationships, laughter and tears, sex, love, betrayal and happy endings.  Book Two, telling Jessica’s story, will be available as an e-book later this year.

Meanwhile, there are also several Vintage 90’s Rosalie Ash love stories currently available as e-books through Harlequin Mills and Boon /Amazon:

and I will be putting more of my 90’s classics on Amazon Kindle over the next couple of months. 🙂



About Rosalie Ash

Rosalie Ash is a member of the Society of Authors and the Romantic Novelists Association. Between 1989 and 1999 she wrote 21 successful contemporary romance novels, published by Harlequin Mills & Boon. She then decided to drag herself out of her romantic bubble into the world of work. Now, over a decade on, she has started writing romantic fiction again, as well her latest passion, children's picture books for age 3-5, and she is now a member of SCBWI-UK (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, UK).
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